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Walgreens Covid Testing Appointment

Walgreens Covid Testing/Appointment – COVID is a big problem, and even after 2 ½ years, no government in the world can contain the spread of the virus. As previously predicted by health experts, it will keep coming back with different variants and in different waves.

Currently, The United States has been hit with the 6th wave of COVID-19, and the dominating variant in the United States is this sub-variant of omicron. 

Regular testing for COVID-19 is among the most important things to contain the spread of the virus. Even if you have been vaccinated and you are following every precaution related to COVID-19, there is still a probability that you might get infected with the virus.

To ensure the safety of yourself, along with the safety of your friends and family you need to keep testing yourself at regular intervals. Apart from that, people who are traveling abroad might have to carry a COVID-19 test report no older than 72 hours.

Keeping that in mind, today, we are going to discuss everything related to Walgreens’ COVID testing appointment. We will discuss how you can easily create an appointment as every pharmacy in the country suggests that citizens create an early appointment.

Walgreens Covid Testing/Appointment Process

Before we move ahead and talk about anything else related to COVID testing, let’s first discuss the main query of the day. 

To create a Walgreens COVID testing/appointment, we are going to use their official website. Kindly take a look at every step very carefully. The pharmacy holder has the right to cancel your appointment if you provide any wrong information.

  • To create a Walgreens COVID testing appointment, kindly click on the above-given button, which will directly take you through the appointment page of the official website of Walgreens pharmacy.
  • On the appointment page, you have to click on the button named schedule drive-thru test.
  • Now, that will take you to the next page, where you have to select the type of test you are looking for and also enter your nearby zip code.
  •  Both of these things will help you filter out all the pharmacies which are available near your neighborhood and also have the test you are looking for.
  • Walgreens currently offers every type of test, including rapid antigen and RT PCR laboratory test for COVID-19.
  • Once you have entered your zip code and selected the type of test you want, it will filter out the pharmacies, and you can select the nearby pharmacy where your desired test is available.
  • On the same page, it will also ask you to select your desired date and time of your testing appointment.
  • Now, it will ask you to enter the patient information by signing into your existing Walgreens account, or you can also continue as a guest and enter the information by yourself.
  • For example purposes, we are going to select the continuation as a guest and enter all the information by ourselves.
  • At this place, it will ask you to enter the complete information of the patient, starting from full name, contact information, complete address, date of birth, and gender.
  • Once you have filled in all the information, it will ask you to confirm the information. In case everything is right, then you can click continue, and it will create an appointment.

Kindly remember not to enter any wrong information as you have to present a government ID to get the testing free of cost. 

Apart from that, you should also try to reach the testing site at least 15 minutes before your appointment time. In case you do not reach at the given time, then the pharmacy or testing site holds the right to cancel your appointment.

Walgreens Covid Testing Appointment
Walgreens Covid Testing/Appointment

If your appointment gets canceled, then you might have to create an appointment once again. Most pharmacies in the United States do not offer free walk-in COVID tests.

Types of Tests Available at Walgreens

Before we wrap our session, let’s take a look at the types of tests available at Walgreens. Currently, the pharmaceutical giant is offering every type of test, and you can select any type of test you want.

Apart from that, Walgreens pharmacy also has a specific chart where you can easily select the test which is suitable for you.

At-home rapid antigen test

Rapid antigen tests are also known as at-home tests, and they are among the fastest available tests to detect over the Internet. You can easily purchase these tests at $15 a test at nearby Walmart or Target stores.

If you are eligible, then you can also get free at-home COVID tests from Walgreens pharmacy. As per the latest notification, the federal government of the United States has instructed every health care provider to provide aid-free COVID test kits to each health insurance holder in the United States.

PCR test

RTPCR test is among the team most effective and accurate COVID tests available in the world. Walgreens pharmacy is also providing this test at no cost to every eligible American at all of their locations throughout the nation.

You can easily create an appointment to get tested at any Walgreens pharmacy using our above-given step-by-step process. You might have to provide a Social Security number or a photo ID at the time of the testing.

If you are not eligible to get a free COVID test at any pharmacy, then you might have to pay up to 130 U.S. dollars.

Can I get a free Walgreens COVID testing/appointment if I am traveling abroad?

No, the federal government of the United States, along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have recently changed its eligibility criteria for free COVID testing at any pharmacy in the country. From now on, if you do not meet medical necessity guidelines, then you might have to pay for that test at the testing site. As you have to get a PCR test to travel abroad, you have to pay around 129 U.S. dollars to get tested at Walgreens or any other laboratory.

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