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Covid Booster Vaccine Near Me – The world is full of surprises. One day everyone was jealous, minding their own business, and another day everyone panicked because the president of the United States word tested positive for COVID-19.

Even though it was not new news, the ex-president of the United States, Donald Trump, also tested positive for the same. This time, it was unique because the virus was not spreading as fast as it used to be.

The current dominating variants of COVID-19 are highly infectious, but the total number of positive cases is on the much lower side as compared to the peak.  

Even if you take a look at the trend of vaccines for COVID and its booster shots, you will see people are not much interested as there is a huge debate and controversy on the effectiveness of vaccines.

Should you get the booster dose now?

A lot of people were not getting their booster shot of the COVID vaccine because vaccine manufacturers announced that they are working on a booster shot that is very specific and it can prevent its variant very easily.

The numbers of effectiveness are not out yet, but we already know that the current booster dose is not as effective against omicron and its sub-variants.

Keeping all that in mind, it is obvious that people are waiting for the new booster shot, but it is not going to last just a few weeks.  

The White House and the vaccine manufacturers have already announced that the new booster shot is not going to be available till the end of the fall or the start of the winter.

Apart from that, the government is not going to pre-exile everyone who has already received two booster shots. Similar to other vaccine doses, the new booster shot, which will be variant specific booster shot, will have specific eligibility criteria based on age and needs.

The current vaccine might not be effective in preventing the spread of the virus, but it can save you from severe symptoms and death from the virus.

Locations for COVID booster vaccine near me

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is in partnership with several pharmaceutical companies along with independent clinics to provide free COVID vaccines to every eligible American in the country.

CVS pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy is among the most popular choices to get booster shots as they have a presence in all 50 states of the United States with more than 9000 pharmacies. Currently, they are opening COVID services, including COVID testing and vaccination, at more than 4500 locations throughout the nation.

If you want to get yourself vaccinated or have a COVID booster shot, then you should visit the official website of CVS pharmacy and create an appointment. CVS pharmacy is not accepting any walk-ins, but they might have same-day appointments, so it is not going to be any issue for you.

Covid Booster Vaccine Near Me
Covid Booster Vaccine Near Me


Walgreens is the second biggest name in the Pharmaceutical industry of the United States. They also have a presence in all 50 states, just like CVS pharmacy with its 4900 locations. 

They also have every type of vaccine available at most of their locations, and the pharmacy also suggests you make a prior appointment before you visit the vaccination site. To create an appointment, you can click on the above-given button and use the simple form to clear the compartment. 

Rite Aid pharmacy

Similar to Walgreens pharmacy and CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid also has a great presence on both the east and West Coasts of the United States. They have more than 2500 stores that are currently offering pre-covered services, including booster shots of the COVID vaccine. 

You can use their official website to create and only make appointments. Even though you might be able to find walk-ins at some locations of Rite Aid pharmacy, it is always going to be in your favor if you create an appointment before you visit the vaccination site.

Community health care centers

Apart from private pharmaceutical companies, the Centers for Disease control and prevention is also in partnership with several community health care centers and independent clinics.

There is a huge list of independent clinics and community health care centers which you can easily find in the centralized database feature launched by the federal government of the United States.

The CDC is also in partnership with independent clinics to provide COVID services where they do not have any private pharmaceutical company or community health care center. You can check the list of these private clinics in the centralized database mentioned below.

Centralized database

As soon as the Food and Drug Administration of the United States gave its approval to COVID vaccines in the country, the CDC launched a centralized database that can be accessed through a website.

That centralized database can help you find every vaccination site in the country. You just have to enter the zip code of your neighborhood, and it will show you all the options available where you can get yourself vaccinated.

Simply click on the above-given button to reach the official website of the centralized database launched by the CDC.

As soon as you reach the centralized database website, kindly click on the find COVID-19 vaccines add booster button. 

On the next page, it will ask you to enter your 5-digit zip code. Apart from that, it will also ask you the type of vaccine you are looking for. Once you have filled both of the information, it will show you all the vaccination sites available around your neighborhood with your desired vaccine.

The database will also contain the location of the vaccination site along with the phone number. You can confirm your appointment before you visit the pharmacy.

Do I have to pay for booster shots of COVID?

No, you do not have to pay anything to get booster shots of COVID-19. The Centers for Disease control and prevention is paying for the primary series and booster series of COVID vaccines.

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