Wednesday 7th December 2016


Our final conference for the Local Nexus Network project stimulated exchange and debate about the related issues in re-distributed food manufacturing, food systems, and food-energy-water nexus issues at enterprise, local and regional levels. The event was truly multidisciplinary, welcoming contributions from engineering, agriculture, natural sciences and social sciences. It also encouraged debate and shared perspectives with business, local authorities and stakeholders in the food, energy and water sectors.


Conference report, Programme and Presentations

The conference report, final programme and speaker presentations are available.



Re-distributed manufacturing (RdM) is concerned with localised production with indigenous, sustainable resources to support the local economy and communities. It is driven by the desire to improve resource utilisation and broader environmental and social sustainability in response to the globally challenging issues such as insecurity of essential supplies, climate change, and social-economic imbalance and injustice. Among products and services that can potentially benefit from localised production, food, energy and water represent the most essential commodities for every society. Furthermore, it has increasingly been recognised that close ties exist between these commodities, manifested by the significant energy and water footprints in food production and processing and the mutual footprint between energy and water production. A number of research initiatives have recently taken place that  are addressing the connection between RdM and the food-energy-water nexus, including the Local Nexus Network (LNN), the organiser of this conference.


Venue and Directions

The Andrew Wiles Building, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, University of Oxford, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6GG.


Contacts and members of the organising team (Food, Energy, Water Local Nexus Network)